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KEG Workshops

We conduct workshops training social workers, psychotherapists, therapists and coaches in how to use KEG Projective Cards most effectively. We conduct personal growth workshops and workshops for communication as part of effective life management. 

We conduct workshops for Training Therapists, Counselors, coaches, Psychologists, Psychiatrists and therapists for the sole
 in effective use of KEG for:
   - Conflicts, Dilemmas and Decision Making
   - Alzheimer’s Patients’ Care Givers and Therapists
   - New/Established therapy group
   - Deep Therapy Work
   - Transference and Counter- Transference Identification
   - Couple Therapy; Making Adaptive Changes and Re-decisions
   - Identify Early Wounds and Soothing the Inner Child
   - Dream analyses work with KEG
   - Life-Work Balance

   - Personal growth

   - Working with couples

   - Trauma

   - Attachment theory

   - Identifying early wounds and soothing the inner child

   - Dilemmas and conflict management

   - Beliefs that help an individual and beliefs that block him

   - Being stuck in life and how to overcome being stuck

   - Interpersonal communication

   - Dream analysis


In the workshop there is a theoretical presentation on the topic of the workshop and experiential exercises.

Participants are also asked questions about the topic and their lives or their clients' lives.

Then they choose pictures that represent the issues and their feelings.

Participants present the pictures they chose and have a discussion with the workshop leaders.

We conduct workshops catered to Customer Needs 

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