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What are KEG Cards?


KEG Cards (Keys to Emotional Growth) is an original innovative method and tool for therapy, coaching and counseling cards that is developed and used throughout the world as an additional tool in psychotherapy, coaching & counseling by psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, coaches and therapists that work with emotional well-being.


KEG Cards (Keys to Emotional Growth) was created as a tool for enhancing the quality of life of individuals via projective-identification pictures with guiding questions.


KEG Cards are useful for working with Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety disorder, Depression, Inter-Communication and personal growth issues. 


KEG Cards could be very effective with different populations and diverse cultural and age groups.


The work could be done individually or in groups. 


Professionals use them to help clients be in touch with their underlying feelings.

The thought behind developing Keg Cards


The thought process in developing KEG cards is as follows: 
Before creating the KEG therapy cards, we thought about "What is the appropriate theoretical framework for our therapy cards?" and came to the conclusion that there are strong links between many of the theories, overlapping and contradictions, and that all are relevant for KEG Cards. Different strokes for different folks – people need and are helped by different theories and techniques at different stages in their development and in their lives. Therapy is change, dynamic and so is life. Therefore the cards represent different mind-sets and various approaches to therapy. And so, I created questions that are based on many theories and incorporate different ways of looking at and conducting therapy; the therapist makes his/her choice according to the vulnerability and resilience of the client. 

We believe

We believe that each one of us can work on our own happiness, success and burnout prevention: If we work at developing our internal parts such as emotional parts and cognitive parts and do not focus on the external parts, we become winners. It is so true that if we work at self-actualization together with activities that have significance for us, we will achieve happiness and satisfaction in life, no matter what life brings to us.

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