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                 believes that each one of us can work on our own happiness, success and burnout prevention: If we work at developing our internal parts, we become winners.




What are KEG Cards?


Original innovative therapy, coaching and counseling cards that we have developed and are being used all over the world as an additional tool in psychotherapy, coaching & counseling by psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, coaches and therapists that work with the self.



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Dr. Eleanor Avinor holds a Ph.D. in education from University of New Mexico and a master's degree in education, linguistics (MA) and psychotherapy (MSc) with a specialization in CBT and has also received certification and recognition from the curriculum at the School of Psychotherapy at Rambam Hospital School of Medicine. In addition, she studied 2 years in the Southeast Institute and completed postgraduate studies in North Carolina. Her certification as a therapist in the Jung method is from Oranim school of education, University of Haifa.

Joanne Yona Silman holds a bachelor's degree in computer science (BSc) and a master's degree in systems engineering (ME), after which she decided to specialize in the interpersonal aspect in addition to the technical specialization and studied personal and managerial training at the Technion, as well as the Jung method, Transactional Analysis and co-conducts workshops with Eleanor Avinor to help people enhance quality of life using the KEG method and technique (Keys to Emotional Growth).

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